Wow what a day...2016 OWL event.

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My 1st mate (shout out to Randy Griggs for helping drive the boat and pick up bait as well as all the other stuff:clap:) met me at the boat at 4:30 so we could go grab some bait (thank you Oakwood Bait and Dillon!!!) and then make a creek run for some big gizzards. In what was 30 minutes we managed 7 nice big gizzards to add to what we had along with some more big bluebacks then off to Little Hall. I left the camera in the boat during registration but I'm sure others will add some pics here from that portion.

I'm not sure what the final count was but I counted 30 boats all ready to show the OWL folks a fun packed day. We were assigned Zack and Tony Buffington. Zack is 19 years old and has CP but he was sharp as a tack. He has graduated high school and looks forward to the next step. The patience and love displayed by his Dad Tony was awesome to watch. The day started off great with a hook up on a really big fish that hit on the shore side of ther boat on a 14 inch gizzard and took him all the way to the other side and found trees. We were chaulked it up to fishing and fished on. We managed to get some awesome smiles from Zack and we smiled back:cheers:

Good stuff and hats off to all the captains and organizers. What a great thing for the community!!!

Captains add your shots:)



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AWSOME!!!! You can't put a price on those smiles. Everyone involved will sleep in peace tonight.


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Awesome! Y'all really got after 'em.

Thanks for your help too! We had a rough morning but finally got it going after lunch. You and Mack really did us a solid sharing your knowledge and putting us in a position to get Jason and Cody hooked up to some nice fish!


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Awesome day Bill, love those smiles. That made that young mans day!!!!:clap::clap::clap:
Thanks so much for helping out! Thanks so much to all the Captains for donating your time and boat so some folks get to experience a great day outdoors. For many, this the the only way they get to enjoy what we take for granted.
Thanks to the folks that came to help with transferring the wheelchair folks to and from boats, handling traffics, cooking 250 hotdogs, serving lunch and the others things that needed doing. All of y'all gave 40 disabled folks an awesome day.
Each one of them left smiling no matter the number of fish they caught. Catching is fun but just getting to go and knowing a stranger cares about them enough to do what yall did for them means just as more.
Thanks again everyone!!


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Men to each of you, job well done.


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Very nice, and that boat is gorgeous! Dillon is a heck of a kid too, and wish him luck in the fishing world.

Keep up the good work Mr. Carson! Nothing like smiling faces holding fish. :)


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Boy Zack was sure smiling at church Sunday. Showing everyone his picture
This is awesome! Props to everyone involved in OWL! The joy that it brings to everyone involved, both participants and volunteers alike is incredible. Great pictures and even better memories!

I've gotten to know Zach and Mr. Tony very well over the years through an annual deer hunt with another organization, SYC (Special Youth Challenges). Zach and I happen to be the same age. A great sport and one heck of an outdoor enthusiast! the guy is a trooper and if you ever have a conversation with him you will be touched by his genuine character.
It was a pleasant surprise to see his familiar face on here! Glad y'all had a great time! Thank you to all involved!