Ya'll say a prayer for the Nature Boy

That's sad, man we used to tear up the living room at the house after watching them boys. All that damage to their bodies over the years has to catch up with a fella sooner or later. If anybody can pull thru it, my money would be on the Nature Boy. Used to be a sign in our weight room that said " To be the man, you gotta beat the man". I wish him well. WOOOOOOOO!!!!!


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Ric used to live in Charlotte and frequented McDonald's drive thru's. My ma was a manager of one location that he often came through. They often chit-chatted.
Once while visiting, he came through. My ma introduced us and he parked and came in the restaurant. We talked maybe 1/2 hour or so.
I found him to be a decent fella and all around polite guy. But he couldn't remember my name.. he just called me "Dee's son"...