Y'all wanted pictures. Here they are

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This is mom and dad's house. It was built in 1909. The Gatliff's were from somewhere in Georgia and it was built to resemble their home down there. They had a rail spur built up to the house to haul the materials paticulaly the columns

These paintings came with the house. Mr. Gatliff hired Clifton J Long to come to the house and paint them there. The one of Lee and his staff is about 12 feet wide and 4.5 feet tall. (Bigger than a sheet of plywood) It is a hand painted oil replica of the mural at Appomatox Court House.

Close Up of Lee and his staff. The wrinkles in the canvas of the painting appear every year when the heat comes on and disappear every summer when the humidity changes and the heat is cut off.

Sort of a poor picture, sorry but the light was awful in the stairway. This is a lifesize portrait of Lee.

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I know what the question is. Dad paid $80,000 for this place in 1976. It sits on 2.5 acres right on the corner of one of the busiest streets in town. Mr Gatliff did not need the money and had offers above that. He said, "I want someone to have it who will enjoy it and take care of it."

it's aiight I guess

Everybody's got to live somewhere ::ke: Shoot man that's an establishment,I'd take 86000 worth if it came like that....
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That is a beautiful house!!!!!!!!!!!

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That's in Williamsburg, KY.


It's listed on the National Historic Register. That came about shortly after dad bought it. One of the city pole cat politicians got a little upset that dad ended up with the house and not him, so they were going to build a sidewalk on 10th's street and this sidewalk would have required tearing down the Jeffersonian brick fence around the garden.

Now that it is listed on the register, even the power company has to ask before they trim the trees out of the power lines.



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When can I move in?

That house is beautiful. What a neat house to live in.
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Anyone want to venture a guess as to how many gallons of white paint it takes to paint it every 8 years or so?

Back when they heated with coal, the soot from the chimney would eat the paint and they had to re-paint about every 4 years. It will go 8 to 10 now that they switched to a gas boiler.

It takes about 3 to 4 weeks for a crew to paint it. The lumber used in a lot of the house was kreosote treated, and it's hard on paint too.

The columns came from a mill in Alabama. That mill is still there today. They are made from boards similar to tongue and groove flooring. We've had to order boards from them on a few occasions for repair.

The porch floor is cypress, and they left about 3 lifts of spare boards when dad bought the place. He has about gone through that supply and has had to buy some recently.

There are 4 apartments on the property that used to house Mr. Gatliff's staff. (Maid, driver, Gardener, etc) Today, they are just storage. One of them has a built in outhouse.