You guy's are lucky!

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I came home today from NC and i took highway 15 through GA and man you guys that live there between sparta and tennilie or however you spell it man thats some pretty country sweet looking farms saw a pile of turkey's standing out in fields the woods are beautiful plenty of crop lands if i ever buy some land in GA thats where it will be man i would move there tomorrow if i could make a living there consider yalls selves blessed! :clap: :fine:



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I bought property near Crawfordville this year. I'd move there NOW if it wasn't for the 110 mile each way trip back and forth to work.


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I bought 60 acres for 1650/ac.



You wasn't to fer from our place........

Just a little east of Sparta off Hwy. 15 is where we be...... :)
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Bender i sound like a pittiful kinda guy dont i but the meat i do have plenty thanks to my son but the eats i dont turn down good groceries very often :yeah: :cool: :clap: no what i mean.