You know how they say a pic is worth a thousand words?

Loose some weight, put on some makeup and get a better hairstyle and those moms might get some action.

Feel sorry for the husbands scared to come home to "Moms Demanding Action".


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When he went on that losers show that made fun of his eye patch and became buddy buddy with him, I knew this guy was a roll over. You don’t makeup and be friends with people that wish you dead.


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He is definitely open to Red Flag laws. He says so on his FB page and the reaction by constituents is as you might think. I hope he will listen to those who elected him. Rick Scott in FL doubled down on RFL last week in a cocky interview.
Rick Scott will do ANYTHING to benefit himself even at your expense


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It amazes me that people cannot see the unintended consequences in regards to this issue. It’s the easiest one of all to see. Ever.