You know what we need?

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We need a good frost. I love hunting and go as often as I can but this warm weather is for the birds. It is like hunting in the Bahamas for crying out loud. :mad: Sorry, just had to let off some steam...
I looked at the 10 day forecast last night. It ain't even showing a cool down, much less a good frost ::huh:

What happened to the long cold winter everyone was expecting?????

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Hey now.... ;) . I had a small patch of light frost on the wheat, rye, rape, and oats right out in front of the BUCK HUT I hunted Saturday morning. I guess because it was in a shaded place the ground stays cooler in the evening before, but it was white and glistening when the sun came up at Crabapple opening day last Saturday. Wasn't much of the field covered, but the section directly in front of me was white.

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I would be happy with just enough cool weather to get rid of the skeeters! They are bad right now! :(

Nothing worse than watching deer and having one of them boogers get in your eye and start wandering around in there! :speechles :(
Man,I think its getting worse too.I don't know if its from global warming or the ozone layer slowly diminishing.This was one reason I gave up bow hunting.To dang HOT..... :banginghe

Its a topic that every hunter in camp or on the streets are talking about.

I was sitting in my stand while misquotes swarmed my head,I thought if we were to have a long hard freeze for more than whats been happing they wont be near this bad.

But with the weather staying the way it is I believe they will be the ones hunting after the mexicans.



A frost would be just what the Doctor ordered.........

Problem is........

The Doctor is out of town....... :( :(

We do need a frost indeed..... ::; ::; ::;
Hey bender,Im still looking for thoses plan tickets!!!!!!! :D