Your best Ga buck !


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I’ve not killed any giants. I’ve killed four that are between 120” and 124”, and about a dozen 115-120”.
This deer was almost my son’s first in 2015. We were sitting on the ground and he came up out of a ditch 30 yards away Behind us to the left. I managed to get him and his shooting sticks turned, but when he pulled the hammer back on his single shot the deer froze up, looked at us, then whirled back the way he came. He stopped about 85 yards on the opposite ridge. I could only see the deer through a small opening. After 10 seconds he said “daddy I can’t find him in the scope, you kill him” (I’ve caught a lot of crap from people saying I probably shot it out from under him, but I assure you that’s not the case). A week later, same spot had a huge 10 come in and walked broadside across ridge and he couldn’t ever get the gun on him. Starting him so young in the woods, on the ground, wasn’t the best idea looking back, as it made for a lot of heart breaks for both of us, but I think he is better off now because of it. View attachment 1093908
I hope that picture is in a frame!


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South river bottom in henry County 131 net