Your best Ga buck !


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1. My first deer
2. My biggest deer
3. My youngest boys first deer
4. My youngest boys biggest deer
5. My oldest seems to only kill does so
far, I’ll give him honorable mention.
Their first deer and turkey were way more exiting to me than anything I’ve killed. That Ol fever was fun to watch. 9B60877D-3E26-4ED5-8B87-F682E9EA816A.png D27DD49D-BCB5-4C78-B03F-46FBC3BEA469.png 907F237D-0E5B-44CD-81DD-84A3041A1B40.png D9979BE2-E02D-4B75-B4F8-B319A8EC44CE.png


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A6D85D95-37C9-4C81-9FE5-86807AFBD849.jpeg F2FB88F6-EBDA-4C56-9D6A-93B8D8363019.jpeg Both are very special to me .... Top buck is a 30 30 ministries hunt . .....
Bottom deer is my lil girls first that landed her a trip to Outdoor Blast to shoot the BB gun !!!!! ( my lil girl is growing up and ain’t got much time for pops these day’s but I’ll always have the memories!!!)
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