youth bow sight/setup question

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Just got the 6 year old a new bow today, a mission menace with a whisker biscuit rest and cheaper fuse sight. He's been doing great in school and it was time to move up from his kids bow. Anyway, we set it up pulling just above 16lbs with a 18in draw length. Shooting a release. Fits him perfect and we are real excited about it. Issue is that we ran out of sight adjustment, moved the pin all the way down, shooting low, then bottomed out the elevation of the sight itself and its still low unless you are 8 yards and in. Basically it seems the sight needs to be come down the riser more but I got to researching it a little and was seeing it could be as simple as raising the peep sight. I just had him pull it back with his eyes closed and when he opened them, the peep was below his eye and he has to drop his head to look through it.

Is the fix as simple as raising the peep? looks like it could go up at least an inch.