Amicalola Fly fishing at hwy 53

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I hadn’t been there in about 15 years. Wife and I went a few weeks ago to check river depth and access. Looks like WMA has made a park out of it. Hiking trails were a lot better than before but river levels were really high.
Was wondering if there was any trout left in here anymore. Used to catch quite a few using wet flys around mid May from bridge going North within a few hundred yards. Lots of big rocks out in the middle but they are all covered up now with all this rain.
There are supposedly some fish in there during DH season, but I've never had any luck down there. It gets a good bit of pressure and foot traffic from what I can tell and the wading gets tough a couple hundred yards upstream. It is a very pretty area, though.
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It’s pretty deep now from what I recall several years ago. My son and used to wade 1/2 mile or so from the bridge up when there was no trails. DNR did make a nice spot for handicap anglers though. Wasn’t anyone at all there when the wife and I hiked the end of the trail up. About 50 cars pulling in after a few hours of us being there. Water was chest high everywhere though. All the rain has it full at the time. Not far from home so thought I might try it but maybe late Fall or super early spring. Only two people that came werefishing. Everyone else just walking dogs and taking pictures.