Boot repair shops near Gainesville

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Hi! My wife has a pair of high end boots from LL Bean that are 15 years old and in need of some attention. They are well broken in and fit perfectly, so she leans against replacement. The eyes are corroded shut and need to be repaired or replaced and the leather needs to be waterproofed and treated. Structurally, the boots are sound.

What boot repair shops can you recommend near Gainesville? I'm probably willing to drive as far as Buford or Cumming if there is a very good shop that can be trusted with the job.

I can't help you but in the attempt to help others, LL Bean will recondition the Main Hunting Shoes which they make themselves but not boots made by others.


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When I was in the army we would take ours to West Cleaners in dahlonega. It's about 30 min from Gainesville. They will do any sole and quality job.


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Find a Army post and go outside the gate and to the nearest Korean dry cleaner and they will hook you up. Ifin the Koreans can't fix them, they cant be fixed. ;)


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LLbean will repair