Ever hear?

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That Robert D Raiford reading of the men in California and the gerbil? :speechles I think it is called "Armegeddon". Not really sure, but I heard it this weekend and OH MY!!!!!! :clap: :yeah:

If somebody can find a link to it please post! I was laughing so hard it hurt! One of those that will get you crying!!


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tom--either joe williams or i have it on one of our computers. we downloaded it a few years ago. i'm about 100% sure joe has it still on his computer.

armageddon!!! raiford about wets himself he gets so tickled.


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tom--i had the file on my computer at one time. it's gone now. i don't ever remembering deleting it.

i looked for the site i downloaded it from before and now you have to pay for it! but, i did find a link. see below from snopes.com


scroll down the page and you'll see the link to listen to the file "rectal rodent on radio".

raiford really cracks himself up that's for sure!