Info needed for Toccoa River Float

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A friend & I are planning to float tube from the dam to Curtis Switch next weekend. How long should we plan to be on the River? Are there good landmarks to look for to know we are 1/2 way to take-out? Are there landmarks we should see that are good areas to stop and fish? Any & all info is appreciated.


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The dam to Curtis is 12 hours, including fishing. It is about an eight hour float, no fishing. These are canoe times.

I personally wouldn't do it in a tube.



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Tubing that entire stretch would be suicide. In a canoe or driftboat it's a long day especially fishing. But good luck either way


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There is a take out spot a little less than half way. It is at an old iron bridge. It says no parking but we never have a problem. It's just past the subdivision that has the bogus catch and release signs. About six hour float.