ipilot vs ipilot link

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guys, its time to upgrade my trolling motor. I'm looking at the Terrova and just wanted to see from those who have it or have used ipilot link. Is the Ipilot link worth the difference in the cost from normal Ipilot? I do already have a Humminbird core unit with the Lake Master mapping I-link card. Money is tight, right now so i wanted to hear what you guys thought. I found a good deal on the bare motor with no ipilot or link and was going to add the ilink but the link is as much as the motor itself.

If this helps, I am 90% striper/hybrid fisherman and run downlines off humps in open water and pull planner boards in the spring/fall. The other 10% I will crappie and bass fish. Thanks for help in advance
I have a Terrova with the Ipilot Link and it is absolutely worth it. It completely changed the way I fish. Following a depth contour helps to keep me where the fish are. Then I can re-trace my tracks and catch the rest of the school. I like fishing deep diving crankbaits and since getting this trolling motor I have crushed the bass at Clarks hill. The trolling motor with ipilot link and the lakemaster card have significantly improved my fishing.