Lost a good one

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I've never posted here but I started reading through after Fridays events. I just moved in with a good buddy of mine last month. HE was recently out of a coma and getting his life put back together. He had the perfect little place on 150 acres with a pond and his 2 dogs. I found the room for rent by chance scrolling through a rental page. MAde the call and we realized we already knew each other. I knew as soon a s I got there this was going to be home for a while or so I thought. WE had talks all the time about hunting, fishing, and just life in general. I am not a morning person at all but he made me get up, Every morning besides a few he was knocking on my door telling me to get up we had things to do which usually consisted of a lot of breakfast, going to town, riding four wheelers, then fishing. He told me about his marine days, his divorce, his dads passing, his world travels, everything. Through all the bad he kept the most positive attitude I've seen anyone have and i guess the secret to that will stay just that. Thursday last week was just another day. I woke up for a second around 0600 and tried to sneak around the house and within seconds he was already up cooking and telling me to get ready we had things to do. Had I known what was coming friday I would've been up at 0400 waking him up to get ready. We spent thursday planting food plots and getting the tractor stuck(it's still stuck). We had everything planted by 1100 and it was nap time. Wish that part was skipped. One of our farmer buddies came over and we grilled out. I had work Friday morning so i called it a night early. At 2130. I did the usual and said "goodnight you can sleep in i work until 1900". Friday morning while on duty I got a call I was not prepared for. An investigator telling me that they found him deceased in his favorite recliner. Following his passing friends came out of the woodworks. Several of his friends came to the house to make sure I didn't need anything and to make sure I was okay. Other law enforcements guys called me from other agencies to make sure everything was okay. We will be laying him to rest in the morning and I still haven't been able to fully accept what has happened. I'm so used to death already at a young age because of my career and I just haven't really let it sink in yet.


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Praying for you. I lost my Grandaddy a week ago today. It still seems like a bad dream. He sounds like a good man that will be missed by many. Remember the good times y'all had together. That's what's been helping me.