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Greetings everyone! I'm headed north this weekend for some time on the water in western NC. It's been a while since I've been on the water there so if anyone has any advice on where to go, what to use, etc.. I'd be more than appreciative! I'm carrying a couple buddies who have never fly fished for trout before so wish us luck! I was leaning toward hitting some of the DH water up there. Thanks!
Just a thought...

They are forecasting 30+mph wind gusts here in Atlanta on Saturday and 20+mph wind gusts on Sunday. Fly fishing especially with people who have never fly fished before in wind like that will be challenging and might leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. The winds might be even higher up there. Can it wait a weekend and go next weekend?
Go to fires creek, you should be protected from the wind somewhat while in the creek, wind is forecasted, be careful around all the dead hemlock trees in the wind.
Tough luck on your choice of weekend to visit western NC for some flyfishing. Highs will be in the 30s with wind whipping tomorrow.

Nantahala is down in a steep gorge that might be protected from wind. Or the wind might be roaring up the gorge in gale force. You never know.
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Thanks for your help and advice fellas, it's greatly appreciated! Unfortunately next weekend is outta the question. Can't catch them from the house though!
Winter fishing in general can be tough here. The DH streams are your best bet for wintertime fishing, a lot of the wild trout streams are really, really slow fishing with the water temps below 40.

This weekend in particular: A lot of the southern tier of counties have the larger streams in flood stage right now. Macon, Henderson, Jackson, and Transylvania counties are under a flood watch right now, with flood warnings in Transylvania. It's supposed to keep raining all afternoon and into the night.

Many of the smaller/higher streams are still literally completely frozen over solid from the sub-zero/single digit lows and teen highs all last week. As in no liquid water visible, except flood water. The larger rivers are just now beginning to thaw. You could literally walk across the French Broad at Asheville on the ice this time last week. Most open water has temps in the low 30s.

It is supposed to snow tonight, which could make access to some of the streams dangerous, and/or close some roads. Highs are forecast to be at or below freezing in many places tomorrow.

Summary: not a good weekend to fish western NC. :)

A lot of folks from mid/south GA also don't realize just what a different world it is up here. Especially above 3500'. From late November-early December to mid-March, it is usually winter with a capital W. Frozen creeks, sometimes sub-zero temps, snow, inaccessible/closed roads, etc.
Like hillbilly says, I just looked at fires creek an hour ago, it's swollen a bit from the heavy rain, I would wait until a better weekend before I made the trip up here. I considered going tomorrow, but I know it will be a waste of time since actually getting in the water is probably not happening.