2009-2010 Handgun Challenge Sign-up Sheet!

You did, but I wasn't going to mention that, until you entered a 130 class buck! :rofl: :rofl:
I dunno about this year...the few good ones i seen around here are either eating out of my bird feeder or on the neighboring property which i can not hunt on....shooting one over any bait (bird seed) would not be something i would do.
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I thought bird food was bird bait, not deer bait. :huh: :shoot:

As for being on the neighbors property, a Contender .300 Whisper with a can works well for neighborhood deer control. :biggrin2:
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If y'all start bringin' out the cans, I want to play too! :D


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Prize Donation.....

I've got a new Leatherman BLAST multi-tool that will go to the individual who posts the first buck with at least 3 points on one side that is an inch long or longer.


I'm in also. I don't take many deer but this looks like lots of fun. I will most likely be using my 338 Encore the one I'm shooting in my avatar. I might use the 300 Encore seen on the table in the avatar. I will try to post pics of the other 2 I might use a 44 Ruger Bisely or a 44 Ruger Super Redhawk.

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Everyone that's participating, please take a look at the first post. If your name is not in Green, I have not received your money.

The deadline is this Thursday, October the 1st, so please send it in if you want to play along.
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rwg and tv_racing_fan, I got your checks yesterday and today. Y'all are in and good luck!!!

Well, the deadline is here. I'll either announce teams tonight, or tommorow. We can do it like last year, start thinking of names if you want your team to have a name, aside from "Team # ___".

If your name is not in the green list, I did not get a check from you, so maybe next year.

For all those that joined and are participating, thanks and I'm lookin' forward to it!!!

Good luck everyone!
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Ok, teams have been announced. But there is a problem. Davidf does not have a partner.

Wyat Earp said:
oh btw I'm in get pics asap [camera is missing!]
Wyat Earp, I did not receive your check. If you still want in, I'll need your entry fee ASAP. If not, we'll either have to triple one team up, or have another member join.

I'll give 2 days for a response, if nothing by then, I'll do like last year, and the first PM I get from someone saying "I'm in" that guarantee's me an entry fee, will be davidf's partner. Or, like I said earlier, we'll add him to another team. Whichever y'all prefer.

Good luck everyone!


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:biggrin2: come on now somebody has to want me as a partner.........:banana::banana::banana:


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Team 4's new name is "The HandCannon Coalition", but y'all can just call us - This year's WINNERS!!! :stir:

Let the Fun begin :D


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i know i am late for this but do you have room for 1 more i just saw this thread i have a little ole 500 mag i need to dust off this year
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i know i am late for this but do you have room for 1 more i just saw this thread i have a little ole 500 mag i need to dust off this year
PM Sent. If you send an entry fee to me, we'll have Davidf a partner, and all teams set to go!