2010 Hoyt Carbon Matrix! And other releases!

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I was gonna wait, but GRIV posted this on AT so....
Visit his website at www.archerylive.com

Hoyt’s new Carbon Matrix features the most advanced and technically sound carbon riser ever engineered. Its proprietary O-Tech™ design provides for the utmost in strength-to weight ratio without sacrificing any of the things that make Hoyt bows the toughest, most accurate and shootable bows in the industry. In fact, although extremely lightweight, the Carbon Matrix easily survived the Hoyt torture test, withstanding 1,500 dry fires at 80 pounds draw weight and 30 inch draw length. Yes, it’s light – but the patent pending design absorbs vibration and allows for a smooth, quiet shot with only the finest, tournament-dominating accuracy you’ve come to expect from Hoyt.

SPEED: 318
Axle Length: 35”
Brace Height: 7¼”
Mass Weight: 3.8 lbs.
Draw Weights: 40-50, 50-60, 60-70, 70-80
Draw Lenghts: 27-31” (½” increments)


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No. I do not post jokes without some smilies. lol

This is true. I like that they thought outside the box, but wish it had some spectacular benefits on paper for that price tag.
No huge leap in speed, no huge difference in weight. On paper, not worth it.
Let's hope they made up for it in shootability. Thats a heck of a price tag.
Got that right! Wow all I can say is personally I think its a pretty ugly bow myself. Like you sayed also, its not any faster than the Alpha Max? I do relize they probably made it for more of a target bow but I dont see whats going to make people put down there brand new Alpha Max and buy this? Thats like paying for 2 Alpha Max's! It may shoot awsome but $1600 WOW:hair:! You could go out and buy a brand new Bowtech, Mathews, Elite ect., load it down with all new accesories and you might pay $1600 MIGHT!

Thats a heck of a price tag.
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Well even for a target bow, 35 ATA isn't anything spectacular.
Neither is a 7 1/4" BH.

I think it is more for pushing the envelope, testing the waters, and being a 'status' bow.
Like the Ferrari of Archery, lol
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Well I hope the Hoyt loyal guys see this bow in a diffrent way then I do or Hoyt is in trouble :stir::stir::stir:
To be fair, I felt the same way when the Guardian came out in 07. And I still do not like the TEC riser very much.
This is also not their flagship bow.
Here is a list of bows from AT:

Maxxis (31 & 35) New flagship bow, lots of new tech inc. new limb & roller guard
Carbon Matrix (you already heard about it)
Alphaburner (speed bow, fast as a Monster but way smoother)
Vicxen (Vicki C. signature bow, women's htg bow)
Contender (Ultra Tec replacement)
Contender Elite (Ultra Elite replacement)
Vantage LTD (long fingers compound with accuwheel)

Still in line with no changes:

Alphamax 32&35
Vantage Pro
Vantage Elite
Trykon Jr. & Sport
Well I hope those dont have the price tag this one does...that could scare away any new bowhunter headed to the proshop this year...any info on that Alphaburner or Maxxis? Pics ect.
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The prices will be normal. The carbon riser is a costly thing to produce.

I am a dork so I am still searching for more pics and hoping for specs...I don't even shoot Hoyt but its exciting knowing what will be out for 2010...:D
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I will go on record and say that Hoyt guys are gonna freak about the AlphaBurner.
Hunting bow.
34 3/4" ATA
6" BH
I just wish it went past a 30" draw...
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Looks like the center-pivotish risers are here to stay!
Not impressed with the Vicxen. Long, heavy, relatively slow for a women's bow. But, I like longer bows so I will still try and get my gf to test shoot it!

Still got some target bows coming out and good things with the recurves too but I am going to bed. :D
Oh crap

It IS NOT A CENTER PIVOT LIMB!!!!! IT IS A LONGER LIMB POCKET. Why is that so hard for people who shoot Bowtechs to understand???!!!!
K, I feel better.:mad:

G Duck

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I dont care if it is Hoyt, PSE, Elite, or whoever. If any one of those make a carbon riser, it is gonna cost some Jack. Like someone said, I think they are just trying to push the envelope. At least they are looking forward rather than back. I think I will keep the AM 32. I like the way it shoots.
reminds me of a carbon pretzel....!

I'll have to hold that new riser to see if I can 'like it' by holding it. Looking at it isn't doing a thing for me.
The new faster Alphamax looks cool....I like short ata bows!