2017/2018 challenge

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With a little over 3 months till season starts I was just wondering if there was gonna be a challenge this year. I know last year we had some awesome sponsors step up. I work for SunSouth John Deere and If there is a challenge I'm working on getting something for it. Maybe an ORCA cooler or something.


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Good deal. I'm gonna start working on setting up something for a prize then.
That is alsome. I'll have to think of a 3 prize item also.

I think a crossbow team would do Good. Wonder what a good name would be.
Long range killers, or something else maybe.
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Mine probably won't be 3 items. Just biggest buck or something with a doe. Not sure I can store manager to spring for much money.
My productions for the year are as follows.

1- feathers deep kills 3 solid 2 year old bucks that score between 90-100 points.

2- kmac's only entry will be a fawn which will later be disqualified.

3- I'm going to kill the biggest buck in the contest. Again.

4- Bowanna enters 2 super dinks and blames his sub par season on a bad batch of BFO.

Backyard Bambi Bombers picked up another good spot in the city last week and all the 3 year old bucks that dodged Kris's arrows last year are gonna be stout this season!