A pair of .22’s


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very nice

Anvil Head

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The 17 was one of my first and still one of my favorites. Little tuning and you got a sweet shooter. I also have the matching .357.
J frame fan here. I have a 4” 34 kit gun that gets a lot of use. My teenage son stalks armadillos with it.

A good friend has a 4” K frame model 18 that is sweet. We bought these revolvers new back in the early 80s when they were plentiful and cheap. Kind of a rarity these days. I don’t think either of us would ever sell.
Wife has a 34 kit, great little gun. She's right deadly with it. Had my 17 & matching 19 out for a bit of exercise couple weeks ago, still got it! Like my old s&W's a lot.