all the blind info ya need !!!

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it is that time of year again and will only get better through the end of spring so i figured i would pull together all the different threads about blinds that several of us use and our setups. these threads have pics of the blinds, perches and feeders so you can hopefully use what you learn to set up a hide and post pics for us all to enjoy !!! maybe we can get rip, hoss or leo to add this to our photo tip sticky. i got to get workin' on some new perches !!! i think this year i am going to set up 2 blinds in the spring, one for perching birds and one down in the underbrush for towhees and thrasher type birds. let us know your tips yall !!!


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Yep, getting about that spring blind time:biggrin3:

Thanks for the idea thread recoveries:cool: