Allatoona 5/30, awesome, and NEW pb striper again! 24 lbs (pics and GoPro video!)

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I still can't quite believe it. Not only is this my best striper, it's my biggest fish ever, period!

Fishing was almost a carbon copy of Saturday, except this time I had a helper. We caught several 1-4 lb whites, spots, hybrid on shad early about 15-20 ft down, then used the sonar to snag this monster from 35 ft down with a live bream.

It felt like I hooked a submarine. Took over 100 ft of line, and was pulling my boat as fast as the trolling motor on medium. The fish was released unharmed. I can't say the same for the smaller fish. :bounce:

fishing 5-30-16 (1).jpg

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You're killing them - congrats!
did a lot better than me. went out yesterday morning and was basically skunked on bait; caught 3 shad and ended up with two fish. nothing of any size though.
nice job again!
Great memories for sure! Nice fish!