Allatoona - Carters Lake Report Aboard Firstbite. ( Pics )

Robert Eidson

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I thought I would drop in and give you guys and up date on what is going on aboard Firstbite.

Lake Allatoona.

The fish are scatter up and down in the water column right now. One day we are catching them 40 feet deep, then the next day we are catching them on free lines, Planner Boards and U-rigs. Like Rick mention in his report trust your Electronics. All live baits seem to be working equally as well when the fish are feeding. But there are days the fish just want eat live bait but will take a rig. This is normal for this time of year. Be sure when heading to the lake to take both your live bait gear as well as your trolling gear...

Toona Pics.

Carters Lake.

The striper bite on Carters lake has been really slow this fall compared to the last two years. The fish are willing to eat, but it's and early bite. Pick the wrong starting point and you can be in for a long day of striper fishing. Down lining small to medium trout has been working best for us. The key to catching stripers on Carters right now is finding the bait. Find the bait, and there is a good chance the stripers are near by.


The spotted bass bite on Carter's right now is Awesome. If it wasn't for spots I would be totally grey by now... Small trout fished on down lines have been working great for us. All the major Creeks are holding big school. And side scan is a helpful tool on finging these schools...

Carter's Pictures.



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great report i might just wait until may or july and go to allatoona and book the trip then. my friend backed out:banginghe


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Thanks for the heads up Robert. I had noticed lately that the Carter's reports have slowed down from everyone.


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Very nice Robert. Some good looking fish and a lot of smiles!:cheers:


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Great report Robert! Love the quad on the u-rig! :cool:

Robert Eidson

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Thanks guys ! I got a new trick I am doing with the rigs. As soon as I get time I'll shoot some video and share it with you guys. Kinda cool stuff, I been a puller fir a long time. And this just make my daily catch go up by 20%.


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thanks for the report robert.
my last few trips have been tough, only managing 2 fish per trip. Hope the hybrids get into a more consistent pattern soon...

Cletus T.

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Great report and great pictures……those spots from Carters are something else. They are some of the “prettiest” spots I’ve ever laid my eyes on!

Thanks for sharing it with us!

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