Allatoona PB Striper July 4th fishing

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Caught on a downlined gizzard from Striper Soup, had it 30 feet deep running about .5 mph in 50 feet of water. Measured out at 35 inches and 19-20 pounds. The fish was revived and released safely.


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I guess yesterday was the day for PB stripers! Only yours is bigger than mine!!

Were you guys in a center console? I might have seen you?
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Yeah we have a small 19 foot sundance with a center console, what were you guys in?


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Just a little red fish / ski boat, white outboard. Did you come up from the dam side while we were fishing the rocky point?
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Ahhhhhh yes we did, came up and ran from just outside the dam to inside that cove right by the dam to see if we marked anything, if you see us again give us a shout!


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Cool! We actually didn't catch anything at that spot, we did most of our good further upstream after we saw you, toward the yacht club.
Great fish and glad you had a blast on the 4th of July Great job and thanks for sharing.