Any tips for early morn (Rainy) bank fishing? .. best lures? Thank you!!

Absolutely.. think any of these has potential for the night bite? (Attached little piece of neon grub, or whatever you think.. pork Rhind?)
The Johnson silver minnow spoon is great for very thick weeds, especially lily pads. I've used them extensively for bass, pickerel and pike (hey, just like this lure, I'm old!). When I was a kid I used pork rind, but a curly tailed grub works just as well. Even a balloon (a whole package is a couple of dollars) cut so that it flutters is good too. And with a balloon it snakes through the water depending on how thick the weeds are. Regardless of what you dress it with, it tends to glide along on top of thick beds of lily pads because of it's shape at a medium or fast retrieve. Pausing it when you get to a pocket in the pads and letting it sink often gets a strike too.

One thing however about the Johnson silver minnow - it's very hard to get a good hook set! It takes some force to get that big hook set. It's not a finesse lure for light line fishing that's for sure.