Bear Den Cam

Pa. Game Commission has a cam set up under a cabin porch in the Poconos. Check it out.
Cool. Looking to get some cameras out soon on my favorite locations. Last year I found some real promising looking spots. Can't wait to see some big bears on camera and get my expectations way too high. Will probly go up and put some out around june to see what this year's harvest looks like.


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Just saw her face for the first time...maybe she's about ready to venture out. I'm assuming it's a sow due to the weird cub type noises I was hearing.
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It is a sow. Looks like only one cub. They think they'll leave around early April. She is tagged. When the little guy/girl feeds it sounds like a car trying to start.


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Yes...when I was watching yesterday morning, the cub was making all kinds of racket and climbing all over mom. She woke up and ended what looked like dragging fresh leaves and branches over to her bed, curled up with little one and went back to sleep. She looked right into the camera a couple times yawning...was really cool to watch!


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ONe of my relatives lives in Ny and saw a sow wit two cubs yesterday morning when he was going to work. surprised that one is still under the porch