Call Maker Rules Clarified (7 Jay 2020)

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To clarify the rules and remove grey areas:

1. Call makers cannot openly advertise their company name or website. That information may be placed in the call maker's profile. If asked the reply must be via Message (PM).
2. Your name and/or signature may not contain your company name or website. Example: You can have the name “Po-dunk” but you cannot have the name “Po-dunk Game Calls”.
3. You may not post a blanket statement that you have calls for sale, if you post pics of calls you may say they are for sale. IF ASKED the price the reply must be via Message (PM).
4. You may not post an overall price list.
5. If anyone chooses to ignore these rules, the thread will be deleted and the violator will be given an Infraction (4 Infractions and you are banned).
a. Failure to read the rules will not be accepted as an excuse. Failure to understand the rules will not be an excuse. If you do not understand the rules, ask a moderator before posting.
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Turk Magnet Custom Calls, Sorry I didn't read all the rules and thats no excuse, I understand, about advertising the sale of my calls. I appologize again. I don't want to offend the moderators or anyone for that matter because I have received alot of help from people on this forum abotu making calls. Shayne W.