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I just purchased a new hunting camper and I need to dispose of my old one. Are they any camper salvage yards around if not, any advise on how to dispose of it? Thanks!


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Yea. Put it on Craigslist or FB Marketplace for free or maybe only like $100 Bucks or so. Someone will be along to get it pretty quickly. Some folks will want it to strip down and just use the axle and frame to make a homemade trailer or something.
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If it is "vintage" some millennial hipster will give you a couple grand for it.


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My brother "sold" a camper that was 30 years old, and had been empty and in disrepair for the last 10 years, including a large portion of the ceiling caving-in and a lot of rot in the walls and the floor. But a man was willing to pay $100 for it. He did a little work on-site to stabilize it for the 150-mile trip to his hunting club, and towed it there. He plans to rebuild it and leave it at the hunting property as a cabin to sleep in before and after hunting trips. P.S. The buyer did need assurance that the running gear was in towable condition--and it was. It was rusted, but the wheels would still turn, etc.

(P.S. My brother only gave the guy 30 days to get it off his property. After that, the "buyer" would forefit the $100, and the camper would be back on the market for the next guy to buy.)


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If youre only going to get $100 for it, you may want to consider the entertainment value of tannerite and video blowing it up and post it on here.