Hog attractant

I'm new to this hog hunting bur so far I've tried hog wild Saturday for the first time and will check property tomorrow. Other than that I've used sour corn, sow in heat hog bomb and another sow attract that comes out like a web.
They will eat anything. Even a hog carcass. 😉
That is a freaky sight. We drug one back to the lease house in Texas. Drove the ranger back out there after dinner and other hogs were going at it.

I couldn't imagine that coyotes could eat a whole hog in a few hours till we realized it was other pigs doing the eating and not the yotes.

Some hogs would just sit there and rot for days/weeks untouched by anything. Other hogs would dissappear in hours. Still can't figure that.
They love anything sweet like peanut butter or molasses but most of the time I just use regular corn and they love it.
If I am trying to bring them to a new area I will dig a hole with fence post diggers as deep as I can.
I fill it with corn, koolade or jello powder, strawberry,grape, anything smelly. I add 4lbs of sugar, three small packs of yeast and as much water as the hole will hold and stir it with a stick. They will find it and eat around that hole for years. I have holes you could park a truck in and pigs still root them.
When I go in for a hunt I carry a gallon baggie of corn with koolade powder in it and pour it out where I want my shot to be. Has worked more times than not!
I prefer sour corn. But occasionally I’ll get a free weekend to hunt last minute where I don’t have time to make sour corn. I have used pig out and B&J liquid hog mixed with corn for some of these trips. Truth is that coolaid and grape soda mixed with corn the day I dump it works as good or better than the store bought stuff. Listen to what the guys wrote above and save yourself some $.
Might have to add that to the trap. Love these ideas. Do you think they will eat old horse feed and dog food?
We had a hog tripod feeder on a little piece of land at a bend in a creek that was surrounded by hardwoods and then lead out to a planted power line.
Pigs were hitting the feeder good but not great. My friend,who has horses and cows, dumped out a broken bag of sweet smelling horse feed.
The pigs devastated that area and got every grain of it up.
It probably would not last long in rain but if you have pigs it won't last long either.
not sure, never used that.