If we CANT see the DATE or read TAPE !

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The original pic date could be read. Now it can’t. My close up could be read also. Now it can’t.
I should of took more and better pics.
The judges told me NO !!
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I can read the last one
See even I have a hard time. We took pics. FEW !
Said looked good. Found a arrowhead while doing it.
Tried loading the pics. Then the fun started. Lols.

Anyway I know y’all have a hard time at times. We try to do our best. I have great help judging and we let a little thing slide. When it comes to bonus points. We need great pics like the examples.

Wish I could kill a bonus bird. :)
I have messed up those pics in the past.


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I have always used a cell phone or iPad but have realized that a newspaper is so much easier !

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News paper is easiest for me too.
Bonus beards are hard! 10 to 12 inches of beard, trying to zoom on both ends of the tape at once, trying to get the beard to stay put, all while trying to have the date visable. It's tough but we can take the time and git er done! First we gotta go kill more bonus beards!
Good luck to y'all!!