Juno Beach Pier - West Palm Beach

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Was at the pier as long as I could stand it Saturday all day (lol) and was there earlier this morning.

Fishing was hot.

Hooked a 4-5 ft tarpon yesterday and it nearly spooled 200 yards of line from a heavy surf cast rig.

Caught a real nice snook today and other non-mentionable catches.

I love that pier.


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She didn't hit on my big rod.

I caught that fish on my "bait rig", a $28 walmart special with 15 lb test hooked to a snapper rig with a 3-0 circle hook and cut up live bait fish (decapitated and perfectly presented - lol).

A couple of tense moments when she was circling the pier's pilings.

Great weekend fishing!
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I've caught 2 there that size.

You can see hundreds of them in the water.

You name it and they were bitting.

Next challenge there involves me, a green/pink cuda-tube and a few of the 6' barracuda that were torturing me last weekend.

Love that pier. Fishing community there is top notch for sure.
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Never fished the Atlantic side in FL,,,,fished Tampa Bay years ago,,,,
First time I fished the Atlantic side was 15 years ago. We were drift fishing for sharks a little south of that pier along the west palm beach area.

Beaches were packed and we were hooking up with some big sharks just as fast as we could get bait in the water.

That was the day I quit swimming in that area.


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I have fished for Snook since I was a kid..That is a mighty Fine Huge Puppy! And they taste fantastic, Congrats