Knives and those that use them


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I’ve never understood all the batoning the bushcraft community does. I’ve never needed to. If I was going to make a habit of it, I would buy a cheap lightweight hatchet ($15) and have at it. I never beat on my knife. That’s just not what their for.
I'm a long-time proponent of 'right tool for the job'.


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I carry a Kershaw folding knife. Have always liked them. For some reason a Sod Buster is one of my favorite knives. And like Railroader, my favorite skinning knife is the sharp finger my pops gave me years ago.
Both of my sons are knife fanatics, particularly my youngest boy. They have over 50 knives apiece and always want another one. I bought them 2 custom knives from Godogs57, they are scary sharp and perform flawlessly. They look good too.
It took me years to learn how to sharpen a knife, and the best advice offered on here from Nicodemus I believe, is to never let them get dull.


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The imagine themselves being able to take to the woods with nothing but a knife and flint/steel and build Atlanta a few years later. What they all seem to miss is that a couple good ole boys with an axe and a bic lighter would have a cabin built before they got the first good fire going.

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I carry a Victorinox made in Switzerland stainless steel sharp as a razor red with aluminum handles. I don't leave home without it


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I carry a folding Kbar my adopted kids got me for retirement. No where expensive, but razor sharp


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I have had few but end up losing them or leaving where I used them last. Now I just keep a few in the truck.


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It is actually a good thing that there are a lot of different kinds and styles of knives to choose from. A knife that maybe many of y'all carry may not be my choice to carry, just as what I carry may not be what anybody else would want to carry. But I do agree with everybody else here on one thing and that is I can pretty much do whatever needs to be done with the one I carry every day!
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Hard to beat an old Solingen steel Kissing Cranes. Used to have one just like that, but somebody talked me out of it.

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I was just this weekend pondering the same "single knife" concept. I have never owned a Buck 110, but my pick is very similar to it. This Gerber has been a great "all purpose" knife. From field dressing, to skinning wire, to making fire tinder, to concealable self defense,,,,, it has served me well and I feel like I could head out for an extended period and not need any other. And as the OP mentions,,,,,, it's pretty dang simple too.

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I have that same knife, and have carried it off and on for a long long, durable, rust proof...and it just works...


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Knives have been a part of my life for over half a century. I have a bushel basket full of them, from cheapos and classics to customs. But the one I always have on me is an old OT77 Muskrat Trapper that I bought from trapline money when I was 17, and has been in my pocket every day since then. A fair-sized freight train wouldn't haul the deer, other game, and fish it's cleaned over the years.


On my belt, I usually have either an old Gerber Gator that I bought in the early 90s, or more often lately, this little Damascus that my buddy made for me with cedar handles from his family farm:


I'm like you-if I need to split kindling or wood, I carry a hawk or camp axe.


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I've bought my late Daddy several GOOD knives.
Pocket, hunting and everyday carry knives l

I'm going to look for some of them, particularly the USA made Buck, Old Timer and Schrade to post.20220704_124919.jpg20220704_125001.jpg
I bought him a few J.A. Henckels kitchen knives and a cleaver. That set me back a bit but with Daddy and Mama, I don't cut corners and get the very best I can afford at the time.

He kept a tiny Buck or Old Timer with him every where he went.

This one is kept for one of my Nephews if he thinks he can keep up with it. Never been used.Made i New York