Knots Illustrated


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I'm not good at tying a fluorocarbon leader on a braid line , so I got me a Denison knot tool from Dakota Angler for $10 , not I'm a pro at tying tight knots . It's simple and could be made at home but for $10 you can't beat it .
Two great knots

Any kind of Internet search for fishing knots will give you some good sites to learn knot tieing. My two favorites are:(1)the Kreh Loop for tieing lures or to allow a free floating minnow more freedom to move on the hook. It is MUCH easier to tie than the Rapala and the tag is downstream, so it doesn't pick up any debris like the Rapala. (2) the Trilene knot instead of the improved clinch for hooks or swivels. It is stronger and, I think, easier to tie also. If you know those two knots, you can do almost anything.
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