Learning Lanier on a kayak

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I'm new to Georgia, from Jacksonville Florida. I thought Georgia fishing was going to be easy after catching 20+ at Black Shoals, but then I went to Lanier and have been struggling. Had about a dozen top water hits, but all of them were misses. Caught 6 while trolling a jerkbait and scouting with the fish finder but they were all dinks.

On Tuesday there was top water action all over the place but no bites. I seen other anglers on boats rushing to the top water action but also catching nothing. I found some bass near a 30-35 ft hump chasing bait about 15-25 ft deep. This group stayed in the area for a while; most other groups were under my kayak for only a few minutes. I caught 4 with a 1/2 oz spoon. The small spoon seemed to match the size of the bait I seen jumping at the surface. The largest spot weighed 5lb 8oz.

Nearly all of the bass I've caught have been in 30-35 ft water so I'll try to focus more near those areas until a winter pattern develops.


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Wow looks like u got it down

Learn Lanier at home with navionics web app or hummingbird lake master app.
Humps, points, rock, rock and more rock produce.
Some of that top water action may be small bass chasing small Shad. Tough to match.

Shakey Head, spinnerbaits, jerkbait, winter cranking.

It’s deep and clear so natural colors are best.