Longbow recommendations?

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Hey y'all, looking to get into hunting deer with a bow. I've been watching videos on YouTube of people hunting with longbows and really like the looks of them and shooting style. Any recommendations for brands and models of longbows? I'm looking into buying one.
If money is no object you can get some very nice custom longbows made, Big Jim's is a local(GA) favorite from what I hear. If budget is an option, I have been reading/watching a lot of good info about the Mandarin Duck Takedown longbow. I know, China, but the reviews of this thing are outstanding. So that's two options at literally diametrically opposed ends of the $dollar$ distribution.

In reality, probably best to go visit your local archery shop (if they are open) and shoot a few bows. See what feels right.


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Black widow, Wes Wallace, kanati, Shrew, the list is very long. First I would figure out what style of longbow you want. A Hill style, mild R&D, or hybrid. And what length do you want, your draw length will have a lot to do with that choice. There are many variations and styles and all are cool. If you could go see Big Jim he has many styles or when the shoots start up go and look, hold and shoot as many different ones that you can. There are lots to chose from and if your like me you will like them all. 😁


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I second Big Jim's near Albany. The good thing is Jim has a trailer FULL of used bows of every make, model and description. The best part is you can look at them, handle them, and shoot them. All the while getting expert advice. Good luck and welcome to the addiction!
Sure wish my buddy Gene Sanders was still living. Most likely he would have given you one.

Buy used to start out!! Find someone near you and shoot with them!! Don't worry about hunting and killing at first worry about hitting what you are looking at! Hunting and killing will come later!
I have a 53 lb hobow long bow that I need to sell now. It is 58 inch 53lb at 28 inch draw and comes with a quiver. I have three of these bows and need to sell one. It is right handed. could even pitch in an arrow or two. I will take 225.00 you will not find a bettter shooting bow for the money. 706-424-0499