Muzzleloader Kills, 2020

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Lets see your kills for 2020

Deer, Bear, Hog, Small Game, Varmints, Turkey or any other game taken with a smoke pole of any type.

have a great year be safe and lets smoke the woods up
Well guys i guess i will break in the 2020 thread.
I set out this morning on my 2 mile hike into public land where i saw some pigs last week. Still hunted till about 10:00 with no luck. By then there were a couple inches of snow on the ground so i got up and started creeping around. I finally heard some making racket below me amd i started working my way down. By then it was snowing so hard i got within 50 yards before being able to really see them. I let a 300gr hornady sst fly from the CVA wolf and the shot was true. Gave thanks to the Lord, took a few pictures and went to work. Thankfully i got all but the head in my pack and started my 2.3 mile hike back to the truck. At this time there are several inches on the ground making the hike a challenge. As i got into seeing distance of the truck i was overwhelmed with thankfulness, humbleness, and the feeling of reward. Gonna make some fine sausage!!! Screenshot_20200208-164619_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20200208-164605_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20200208-164552_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20200208-164542_Gallery.jpg
Yes sir!! That’s how you do it! That will make so mighty good sausage. Made my first a little while ago...that stuff is delicious! Oh, did you sleep well that night??
You dog gone right i slept well! Thankfully i was able to get back out of the bed Sunday morning. Screenshot_20200209-201742_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20200209-201756_Gallery.jpg
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I left the house with plenty of time before daybreak, and there I was just driving in the dark, thinking about the hunt ahead when it ocurred to me I had left my turkey vest at home. I had made about 20 miles of a 25 mile trip but there was nothing to be done but turn around and go back home. So I finally got to my spot a little after 7 AM. I had heard nothing on the walk in so I settled in and got my stuff in order while the woods quieted down.
Over the years I had discovered a spot of higher ground where my calls carried a long way and I have a permanent blind here. Should of killed one here last year but I got impatient and he spotted my gun barrel moving and he was gone.
I have a routine here. First I let out a cluck or two just to see if one is close. Then using a box call that carries a long way I let out a series of yelps. Loud yelps, then I listen. After awhile I do it all over again. So that's what I was doing when I thought I heard a gobble right at the edge of my hearing. A few minutes later I heard it again, clearer, closer, he was coming. At this point I add some long distance yelps with a tube call. So I did and he gobbled right back. For this stage, the middle stage I call it, I use both the box and the tube and it seems to really fire them up. In the final stage I use a slate because I can control the volume better. He circled my hen decoy out of sight and suddenly gobbled to my left, he was close. This had taken an hour and a half.
I couldn't see him but I could hear him. He was gobbling and waiting for the hen to come to him. Now I could see him about 70 yards away strutting in a small area until finally he came on in. Over half an hour had gone by now when he went into a full strut and stayed that way. He looked huge. My target is the wing butt with this .40 caliber and I don't like to shoot one in full strut if I can help it. He came to the hen then made a circle around the decoy still in full strut so I made the best shot I could and he was DRT, and I mean Dead right there.
It was 21 steps to where I shot him.
He weighed 22 pounds with a 9 3/4" beard.