Need gunsmith to install extractor on 700 Magnum bolt.


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Your profile shows that you are in Kentucky. I presume that you are going to mail the bolt. Any gunsmith should be able to replace a 700 extractor.

Bill Jacobs
Greenwood, SC
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Yes I will have to mail it. No gunsmith around my area and unsure on a good one to send it to. This bolt is off of a semi custom 300 SAUM and I would like it done right.

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Custom Blue LLC

Gerald Kuthy
75215 Johnson Run Rd
Newcomerstown OH 43832

(740) 498-8790


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the 300 SAUM is a Great caliber.. that and the 7mm SAUM... darn shame Remington screwed the marketing up on those rifles.. I have one of each in SS model 7s. Both shoot under 1" with the 7mm shooting under .5 ". Never saw or talked with anyone who owned one that didn't shoot great.
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Yes I have 2 in 300 SAUM, one is a Shilen barreled sporter and the other is a factory Sendero. Both easy to load for and accurate. I used my sporter on a Kentucky elk last year (finally got drawn) and found that my extractor was broke as I went to shoot the elk a second time as he mad a 50 yard sprint. Luckily he didn't require one as he fell over at full stride and never kicked. I have plenty of other rifles to hunt with this year but I need to get it fixed.
Thanks for the recommendations.



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Shooter's Den.

Watkinsville, Georgia.

By far the best shop I've ever used.