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I recently moved to Elgin, IL (NW suburbs of Chicago) for my job. I spent the last 3 years in Nebraska and had a blast leasing and hunting out there. Shot a few nice deer and just had a great time with my buddies.

I am looking to lease a farm in western IL (ideally Schuyler, Fulton, Knox, Warren, Henry, or even closer to Chicago). My family will be here permanently, so although we will buy a farm eventually, I am looking for something long-term to lease.

I am on Basecamp, HLN, etc. I plan to knock on doors. I have sent out about 60 letters to farmers to try that approach. Does anyone have any leases available in western IL or can they point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.


Jim Boyd

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Great area you are asking about.

I would plan a road trip. Time it after the corn goes in, people have more time to talk then.

I have not found letters to be effective at all.

What can be effective is face to face honesty and candor. Speak openly and truthfully about what you want.

A respectful approach with a whole lot of listening will help.

Hardeeā€™s and restaurants at 0800 to 0900 usually have good contacts gathered in groups drinking coffee.

Wear jeans and not camo.

Wear an IH or Deere hat.

Other great areas

Grain elevators
Feed and seed
Hardware stores
Elks, Rotary, VFW

never, ever use the word Chicago unless it is to tell them how much you hate it

Good luck

Hope u land near Schuyler, will meet for supper one night in early November!