NewGuyQ: How long will a Longbow last?

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I had the good fortune of coming across and purchasing at a 'garage sale' a Longbow (Flat/Self).
It is not showing a brand name.
It is 'labeled' with 42lb at 28", 68" length.
Folks that know archery stuff
(I am only a 4 month target Longbow new guy)
tell me it is like new & probably the equivalent of what would be about a $200 Longbow.
My Q is:
If a $200 nearly new Longblow (Flat/Self - type of wood unknown) is used only for indoor / target,
and about 20 arrows a day are shot,
is there any general realistic length of service I can expect from this bow,
meaning when is it likely, if ever, to 'wear out ?'
- Many thanks. :pop:
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Todd Cook

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I've got a couple of fiberglass longbows I made nearly 20 years ago that shoot just as good today as ever. If they were tillered and built correctly and reasonable care taken of them a bow can last a very long time. Lot's of those 60's and 70's recurves are still being used regularly today. I've got a couple of selfbows also that have had many, many shots through them. but on average they wont last as long as a glass bow.


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I've got one that's 60 years old and still shoots just fine and I was told when I got it that it hadn't been shot in 30 years so I took care stringing and stretching it before I shot it alot. If it's been taken care of should be just fine but any bow can always delamb or break, new or old.
With a wooden bow, the main thing is to keep it unstrung when it's not in use, don't store it in a humid place, and take care when you're stringing it. I've made a lot of selfbows. Some of them blew up in a week, and some I'm still shooting nearly 20 years later. :)

I think I made this one in 2002, and this is from last spring: