Noisy Sticking Cable Slide

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I have a strait cable rod with a regular plastic cable slide. The more I shoot the bow the noisier and more sticky it gets. What can I do to make this slide quiter and slide smoothly on the rod. Thanks.
Clean the rod good and use rubbing alcohol. Do not put anything on it for lubrication. Also clean the inside of the slide. Over waxing or being sloppy with the wax on the string is usually what causes this. Always work the wax into the string with a piece of leather. When both are cleaned, they will work effortlessly together. The wax attracts and holds debris. Make sure the cables are replaced in the proper slots.

Rich M

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Mine was doing that this year - my first archery hunt of the year - had to leave the stand and figure it out. Not wanting to play around and get back to the stand, put WD-40 on the metal part.