Perry's No Peep

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If your on Archerytalk I'm sure you guys have seen this setup before. It's a pretty cool idea and it seems like it could defiantly add more time to your hunt in low light situations. My lease is about 90% hardwood and during bow season (plenty of leaves on the trees) I run out of shooting light fast, as opposed to hunting a field/plot. I'd like to get some of the veterans opinions on this setup. Is it beneficial to a hunter that hunts thick area or is it just a Gimmic. I'm just wanting to get an edge up on the deer this coming season, I had a really good buck come in one evening when it was just barely enough light to tell he was a shooter. I had him at 18yrds broad side dead to rights but could not line up a good shot looking through the peep. Maybe I just need a better sight?

Also if it's a gimmic what sights are you guys using that offer good low light shooting ability. Here are a few I've been looking at.

1. Black Gold Ascent
2. CBE TEK Hybrid
3. Spot-Hogg Hunter


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Have not used any of these sights you listed....but it could be your just getting old?:huh:
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Have you tried shooting with both eyes open ? It helped me in low light conditions.
When I was at full draw trying to get the shot I opened my second eye hoping to have a better sight picture, but it didn't help. Maybe the pins on my sight just aren't bright enough?