raccoon trapping.

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I have heard that coon hunters will trap coons and put then cages to train their dogs. I thought I could be of assistance.
Does coon hunting season and coon trapping season end at the same time ? We have a hunting season,but when it goes out you can still hunt and train your dogs on private land, just no guns or killing game.
I believe you can still run dogs as you mentioned. But I would imagine being in possession of a coon whether dead or alive would probably be frowned upon by LEO’s unless you had permits to own said dead or live coon. I would also imagine houndsmen who run already have a dead coon put back somewhere for training purposes.
I coon hunt and have a lot of coon hunting buddies. I ain't never seen anybody keep a dead coon, it would be useless to be dogs. If the coons are being a nuisance around a residence, I'm sure either DNR or animal control would allow or accommodate removal.