Review: Burris Veracity 2-10x42mm

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Short Version:
$500-600 for this? No thanks -- I'm sending it back.

Long Version:
For the MSRP that Burris puts this scope up for sale at, I'd expect a much better turret seal design. Under the cap of the turrets is an exposed flat, square, thin rubber washer. When you tighten the turrets down enough that you're confident they won't become unscrewed in the field or from recoil forces, you effectively smash out the rubber washer. Eventually you will crack the washer if you remove and re-tighten your turrets with any frequency. This type of washer is designed to seal a broad flat surface, not the very thin edge of the bottom of these turret caps. On top of this, the rubber washer is easily removed, meaning you will eventually lose it unless your rifle is a safe queen. This is not a good design for a field/hunting scope. On top of this, the turrets are extremely stiff and you can barely make out a tactile or audible click. Not a huge deal if you are doing a max point blank range zero on your rifle and never will adjust the turrets, but if you plan to, this isn't a good option. Cheaper Vortex scopes have better tactile/audible feel. My cheaper Burris Fullfiled II has better tactile/audible turrets. I don't understand why a much more expensive Burris doesn't. Worse, the glass seems no better than that Fullfield II. Compared to a Leupold VX-3i 2-8x36 scope I happened to have, the eye box is a pain to stay in.

Really, really disspointed with Burris here. Exposed, loose rubber washers to seal a turret on one of your top end hunting scope? What a joke. It should be captive o-ring that seals to the INSIDE of the turret barrel, not the bottom edge.


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Thanks for an honest review.! I’m not familiar with that particular scope,but that’s getting into a price range where you expect good performance out of all the components. Not just good glass,or just good turrets. All of it! That forgiving “eye box” is what has led me back to Leupold most of the time. Lighter weight & warranty being next?


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Yes, thanks for the honest assessment, I've not looked at that particular scope , but I would expect something like that to have an o-ring below the threaded portion and the inner part of the cap smooth on the part that comes down over the o-ring, the design you describe sounds like they took the cheap way out ,,,,

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I was a big fan of the Burris full field ll as my eyes always liked them over the Leupold in the same price range so once I was in a place in life where I could to afford to buy higher grade more expensive gear I thought it was a no brainer I ordered a veracity 3-15x50 and while on the range it was nice but in the field I’ve never owned a scope that the lenses fogged up like that scope and every time I shouldered the rifle I had to play with the eye box and parallex to get a clear retical
I bought and promptly returned 4 different Burris XTR II scopes about 4 years ago.

The good: solid scope with turrets that track as expected.

The bad: glass resolution

I didn't mount any, so I can't speak to the eyebox.

I called Burris to ask about the glass quality and their rep told me they put the same glass in all their scopes. I have read the new XTR III has better glass.

At first glance inside or outdoors, the Burris scopes have a bright picture. However, their resolution is horrible IMO and they are hard to focus for a sharp image.