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Woody's Campfire Talk of Georgia Outdoor News Forums, hereinafter The Forum, is a private Forum. Membership in the Forum is a privilege granted solely and exclusively by the Forum. Privileges may be terminated at any time at the sole discretion of the Forum and without notice.

The rules are not open for discussion on the open forums. If you have issues or concerns or questions about a rule feel free to PM a mod or admin and as always your concerns or suggestions will be taken into consideration. Do not use the open forum to "call out" a mod or admin for implementation of the rules.

: Posts appear on the Forum as they are entered. It is impossible to monitor each post in real time. The Forum will strive to ensure that all posts are polite, professional and conform to a "G" rating due to an absence of violence, sexual content, innuendo and strong language. Furthermore, it is the intent of the Forum to provide an atmosphere where every member, regardless of age, nationality, race, creed, religion, political persuasion, sex, or level of education, shall be treated with the respect due them. This concept will be enforced with vigor.

English is the language of the Forum. Posts using a language other than English must include a full and complete English translation.

Posts containing personal attacks or harassing, inflammatory, vulgar, abusive, threatening, sexually-oriented, hateful, or obscene language are prohibited on this Forum. Posts violating this prohibition will be removed. A member who violates this prohibition may be banned from the Forum. This prohibition includes attempts to alter words or phrases to avoid technical violation of the rules. The Forum will act more harshly toward those who intended to achieve a violation of the intent of the Forum rules by "typing around the censors" (TAC) by replacing vulgarity with phrases, symbols, or words such as "!@&)!@$*" or typing profanity in reverse order, etc. If you cannot communicate without using profanity or vulgarity then this is not the place for you. If you occasionally feel the need to be emphatic about making your point then use one or more of the many emoticons we have available, but do not resort to profanity. Acronyms that contain abbreviated forms of unfit language or profanity will not be tolerated.

The Forum expects and encourages the lively exchange of ideas and opinions. The Forum also expects these exchanges to be free of rancor and personal invectives. The rules are simple and clear for all. Be polite or be gone.

Members who use the Forum as a storage site (photos, etc) will be banned. Such practices, which include techniques known as linking back, creates undue traffic, misuse of Forum bandwidth, and increased cost. Members determined to have posted a link back to their swap and sell ad from any other websites such as other forums, Craigslist and similiar sites, etc., will have their membership to this forum immediately revoked. PICTURE SIZE ...... All photos should have a MAXIMUM size of 1000W x 1000H, ... if the photos are larger, they may be deleted w/o notice.

User Names

If you have forgotten your password or your e-mail address has changed, do not create another user account or you risk losing your membership privledges. This also applies if you wish to change your user name. Click on the "Contact Us" link on the message board Home page and send us an e-mail stating your problem. We will fix it for you.

User names may not include, or allude to business names or any other profit making agendas. User names must also not be construed by the average person as an offfensive term or word.

One user name per member. Members found to have multiple user names with or without the intent of causing disruption on the forums will have their accounts closed without notice. This includes use of a members forum account by another member.

Warnings can be issued by any MOD or ADMIN to any users of this board for violations of the rules on this forum. The normal moderation progression is a warning for the first rule violation which does not count towards terminating your membership and then warnings issued for each additional rule violation. After your first warning additional warnings will count toward your permanent record and are not reversible. Each user can get up to three warnings. The fourth warning awarded will result in the member being banned. A banning is a permanent event and not reversible. Once a member is banned, their profile and user name can no longer be used. The member loses all posting privileges permanently. Occasionally a “Final Warning” may be issued when a user has three infractions. This is an indication the next rules violation will result in a member being banned from the forum. There can be instances of serious violations resulting in a member being banned where no warnings have been issued previously. All warnings can be viewed in your user profile by you.

You may not discuss Warnings given to you or any other member on the open forums.

Bashing of legal kills and catches

The bashing of legal kills, whether it be deer, any other big or small game, will not be tolerated. A trophy is in the eyes of the beholder. Posts that harass or belittle anyone and the animal, fish, or bird, and also the legal method of any game taken will be removed and the member will be dealt with accordingly. If you can`t say something nice, it`s best to be silent and move on. This rule will be strictly enforced.

Posting videos and other media

Linking videos from sites such as YouTube MUST be embedded versus linking to the site page the video is on. The member has a responsibility to ensure that video content is appropriate for this forum and is in compliance with the G-rating.

All avatars must comply with our G rated, family friendly theme. Avatars that are deemed to be sexually suggestive, vulgar, abusive, or overly revealing will be deleted.

The decision as to whether an avatar complies with our rules is at the sole discretion of the Administrators and Moderators of this message board and is not open to debate.

Repeated violations of this rule will result in the termination of your membership priveldges.

Advertising of any kind via PM to members of this message board is considered spamming. Repeated violations of this rule will result in immediate termination of your membership.

Give Aways and Free Items
You may post a maximum of three threads (one thread in three forums) listing your item or items you are giving away.

Advertising raffle ticket sales of any kind by anyone or any organization are not allowed.

Dog Shooting Threads
Over the past several years many threads related to opinions about dogs being on property other than the owner of the animal have been posted. In all instances these threads have become heated and in most cases have resulted in threats, name calling, etc. This results in the Moderators having to delete posts and referee the arguments that erupt.

In the interest of keeping the peace, effective immediately threads or posts that relate to wandering dogs, shooting dogs, poisoning dogs, etc, will be deleted without notice or communication.

Because of the changes regarding libel laws and liability, any threads or posts made about businesses or individuals that are derogatory, accusational or suggest illegal dealings will be deleted. We cannot accept the liability of being sued for libel because you feel you were poorly dealt with in a business deal or other transaction with anybody else, regardless of if they are a member here or not. If you have such a problem, deal with it personally, but do not post about it here. Repeated violations of this rule will result in immediate termination of your membership without recourse.

Copyrighted Material
Although many sites allow sharing and reposting of their content elsewhere on the web many other sites do not and are aggressive in protecting their copyrighted material. Since it is impossible to sort out who allows republishing of copyrighted material and who doesn't, consider any published material on other websites to be copyrighted and you may not post it here.

You may post a link to the other site and its' content.

CLASSIFIEDS: ALL ITEMS POSTED FOR SALE/TRADE ARE TO BE POSTED HERE: This includes animals: "Want to Sell" etc. threads are not allowed on the open forum but can be posted on the GON Classifieds. The advertisement of any animal for stud/breeding purposes, etc. also needs to be posted at the GON Classifieds.

Any animals that are to be given away free of charge may be posted and it must be specifically stated as such in the posting. Threads inquiring about animals to be given away free are permitted, must be clearly stated as such, and are not be used for members to advertise a like or similar animal for sale. Animals to be advertised for stud/breeding purposes are to be posted in the marketplace as well.

No linking from the forum to ads posted in the GON Classifieds, Ebay, Craigslist, or any other classified advertisement web site. This also includes social media links (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) if used for any form of advertising. If discovered, those links will be immediately removed without notice. Continued posting of links may result in moderation action against the posters account.

All "Want To Buy", "Want to Trade" or "Looking For" threads must be posted in the Want To Trade/Want To Buy forum here:

Be sure to read the forum specific rules posted in the sticky thread at the top of the forum.

Commercial Advertising: Except for NON-MASS produced products in the Hobby forum and the Custom Turkey Calls forum, advertising is not allowed. Do not post or advertise your services, wares, other message boards or websites in other areas of this message board including signature line, user name, and avatars except in forums where already allowed such as Custom Turkey Calls. You may send an appropriate PM to other members of this message board concerning your service with a link to your post here when requested or asked about it.

The Bragging Board and/or the Photography and Video forums are NOT to be used in any manner to promote or advertise any business or services be it commercial or hobby…… to determine where and if your threads are allowed please read these Forum Rules …

LEASES FORUM: When posting a "looking for members" type thread, the following information is required
1. Location
2. Price
It would also be helpful to include number of members needed, total number of members, type of land, any basic rules of the club.


(1) No links to other websites are allowed in signature lines or avatars. You may post these links in your member profile.

(2) No "Pro Staff" notations.

(3) No photographs.

(4) No fonts larger than size 2.

(5) And just like in a post, any signature containing a phrase not of the English language, must have a translation.

(6) No advertising.

PRIVATE MESSAGES: Private Messages are intended to be precisely that. Do not post any private message or private email on the Forum. These messages are intended by the author to be private. Communication of this type may be posted by Administrators of the Forum if they deem it appropriate material for the Forum.

DISCLAIMER: Opinions, comments and statements made or posted by members of the Forum are strictly those of the member. The Forum does not endorse or adopt any message hereon unless posted specifically by Administrators of the Forum. The Forum disclaims any responsibility or liability whatsoever for the content posted to the Forum by its members. The Forum reserves the right to delete any post at any time without notice. All original material posted to this site becomes the sole property of the Forum and may be used in any manner and for any purpose the Forum may choose.

Any material deemed to be in poor taste or inflammatory to the forum and/or it's members can be removed arbitrarily by an ADMIN or MOD.

Use of this Board in any manner constitutes acceptance of the rules and of this disclaimer.
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