Small boat North End Lanier??

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I normally take my small 16 foot 20 hp tiller out on the South End (winter and summer weekdays only) never really ventured north end except a few times in a bigger boat.
Are there any calmer waters on Lanier up north I could trailer to in the summer or is pretty much all blown out with bigger boats and traffic. Maybee some of the smaller arms or above Don Carter?
I have been using Thompson Creek ramp and find it fairly quiet especially during the week. Some jet skis and ski boats but not overwhelming like the south end. Another good option is put in at War Hill or Bolding Mill and fish Taylor Creek. A good part of that is a no wake zone and most folk honor that.
Are there no ramps where it backs up the chattahoochee ?


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Toto creek is okay as far as traffic, but you better lock up your belongings...crackheads will steal anything not bolted down!


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I bounced out of Belton Bridge on Sunday. Chatted with another fisherman in the afternoon, and he mentioned "all of the jetskis" that had been around. That was literally 6 jet skis. Belton's got a bit of a rep, but there were plenty of folks around for the weekend, not sure I'd want to leave my ride there all by itself.

Went out of Lula Bridge a bunch early last year, generally was all alone. Never had any issues.