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Yes, I do it for the eggs and a bouns is they keep the bugs out of my garden and keep it fertilized. I have 11 chicks (egg layers) that will be old enough to go into the coop in about 3 weeks. My wife takes care of the chickens, I just maintain the coop. With eggs as cheap as they are currently we don't save any money, but the eggs are better tasting and it just one more thing that makes me self sufficient. My son has 18 egg layers and he gets an average of 10 eggs a day when it is warm out. No one in our family has bought eggs from a store in years.
YESSIR.. YESSIR... Can't hardly beat a yard chicken egg or good ole' frying hen either.

My lil' 98 pound Grandma' had chickens and other critters the whole time she set out to house keeping.

I'm not sure I wouldn't have liked living in her day (1908- 2000, her Daddy's 1883- 1977)
What feed do use prefer for laying hens. I have seen where people mix a homemade recipe with layer feed and one or two other things mixed in.
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My son has 12 hens and 1 roster, in 4 days he has gotten 39 eggs. He has a small wild turkey that has taken up residence with his chickens. The turkey does not go in the coop but he hangs out in the yard all day with the chickens.
I went ahead and got some chicks last Wednesday. Started my coop this weekend and looks similar to yours. Built it behind the shop so I have power and water.


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Thanks for posting coops. I also ordered some chickens and am now trying to design a decent coop for them. Y'all getting me motivated to get to work
I'm making serious progress on the coop. Start building the run tomorrow. You wouldn't recognize my daughters old playhouse. Brand new paint job today after 4 days of remodeling.
Here is the progress on mine so far. Hopefully get the window installed above the nesting box and finish out the nesting box today. Get the rest of the siding on tomorrow then start building the run. Roof will be last since it will cover the coop and the run. IMG_0956-1.jpg IMG_0954-1.jpg