Still seeing red on Lanier w/pics

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Every year we have a window of opportunity to use the red colors with great success on Lanier and right now the window is wide open. The water temps are in the mid to upper 50's and the crawfish are active all over the rocky shoreline of the lake. The bass are heading to their spawning areas and on the way they are gorging themselves with just about anything that moves, slightly resembles food and is slow enough to catch. Using shad patterned crankbaits work well this time of year as well but the bass are in tune with the crawfish and know that red color well here on Lanier. After the crawfish mate they molt and ultimately turn a redish orange color so I like to make and use these colors during this period. Yesterday afternoon was a perfect afternoon to get out on the lake and throw a little red color into the mix. I concentrated on 2 areas, one was long flat secondary points and the other was stretches of shoreline leading into spawning pockets. If there was rock available along that stretch it was a bonus. I fished from 1pm till 4:30 and caught 6 fish which would have been 7 had I not tried to swing a larger fish with one little barb stuck on the tip of his lip. I only used 1 bait and that was the crankbait I made the day before with plenty of red and orange. Winds were out of the northwest and the points with some wind on them produced better.

As far as technique and gear goes, I was making long bombing casts and using a steady retrieve across points and semi-parallel up and down the shoreline concentrating on depths of 5 to 20 feet. I was using spinning gear with 10lb braid attached to a 20 foot 8lb flouro leader with a alberto knot.

My advice is to dig around in the tacklebox, find something red or orange and find a long point or stretch of shoreline and explore. Here's a few from yesterday.

demond4.jpg demond3.jpg demond2.jpg demond1.jpg demond.jpg
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Thanks guys. Man, what a humbling lake sometimes. I went back out yesterday afternoon to see if I could repeat the afternoon before. That didn't work out for me. I threw that red and orange crank till it felt like my arm was separating from my shoulder and had one little 2lber to show for it. I switched to a chatterbait and caught one more small fish. On my way back in I stopped at a point that usually has a fish hanging around somewhere and I ended the day with a nice 4lber on a shakey head. The differences between yesterday and the day before was yesterday was sunny and pretty calm as opposed to the day before when we had a northwest wind and it was a little overcast.

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Got my new Dock Demon tied on the ole cranking stick ready for action, hoping I get to use it in a tournament coming up if the water temps stay right.
Nice work. I'm going to give the big pond another try as soon as this wind lays down. It's gusting too hard today.