Team 9 - "Throat Stompers"

This weekend I'm going to try and get my son on one Saturday, and my dad on one Sunday, if either one backs out I'm going to the CNF, this early with only one bird left I'm going to try and make sure it's a bonus point bird
IMG_0014.JPG talked to kmckinnie my town only prints a newspaper every tuesday so the date reads 3/28/16 but he said it would be fine to post
Called in two jakes this weekend, lol they were eager to get in front of the gun, almost shot a two year old, but I'm still hoping for some bonus points, but we'll see. Still a lot of time


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Called in a bird two different times for a buddy but couldn't get a kill shot Friday. Saturday was a family day. Yesterday before church I called one up. Problem is I took my focus off of where he was gobbling just over the ridge, because I saw another gobbler slipping in through the hardwoods. I turned to tell the person with me and when I looked back heard the terrible, putt putt. Tried to get a bead on him because he was inside of 30, but ended up rushing shot and wearing out some sapplings and pulling shot slightly right.