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New to the challenge but not new to bowhunting. Wanted to throw up a couple trail cam pic s. Nothing earth shattering. Have the usual small and young bucks. Most of my deer are in the soybeans right now. Have some cameras on salt licks and picked up this older 6 pointer. May have had the same deer within 40 yards last year but would not commit. My turkey blind is about 15 yards to the left of the deer.

Down here if your throwing corn your gonna pull in the hogs. We shoot em, stick em and dog em and they still keep coming.

This is one the better deer off the farm shot by our oldest young un a couple years ago on Thanksgiving Day. She hunted that stand about 20 times and the only deer she saw was this one.

Scored 175 2/8 before deductions. Good luck to everyone. Ready for the season and cooler weather.


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This just in ASL movin up

ASL team member got one on the ground. Pics to follow soon. That is all :cool: