Thursday-Swamped=lost Kayak!

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I hate to even report this as my actions were so stupid. I went to Little Tybee Island to try fishing the high tide flats for redfish. The day went pretty unremarkable, got two really good bites on artificial baits but one broke off and the other came undone. While I was fishing in the creek the seas built up. I tried to use my trolling motor instead of going inside through the grass. (Bad mistake) I got swamped and had to recover everything and cut threw the grass. Somehow (still not sure how) my kayak got too much water in the hull and I had no way to drain is at high tide. I could not keep it upright walking it through the grass so I decided to tie it up in the grass, anchor it, and call for help before I got into serious trouble. Could not get out Friday as I could not find a ride. Had two rides lined up today to go get it and both fell through. With the high tides we have been having I am pretty sure it has drifted off. Lost everything aboard except my dry bag. Life's lessons are sometimes only learned the hard way. At least I am safe and the kayak is just a thing.


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Thanks for sharing your hard earned lesson. Sad, but good information.
Brother...water in the hull is no joke. I keep a hand bilge pump in my Wahoo Kayak as part of my safety equipment. Under $20 and a must have as far as Im concerned
So did you ever go looking for the yak? Shame you lost your stuff.